Sample Report

What should I look for in an inspection report?

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Not all reports are equal, so make sure you ask to see a sample report before you choose which home inspection professional you will hire.

At Honest Home Inspection, we searched long and hard to find a reporting software that allowed us to quickly compile and digitally deliver a thorough and informative report to our clients.

Our reports can be accessed via your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The link we send you makes it easy to share with your realtor or other interested parties.

Within the report you will find:

• A summary of the most critical faults 
• Annotated photos that visually pin-point problems 
• Supporting illustrations that give an overview of why certain defects are critical 
• Hyperlinks to feature articles that explain in greater detail how home structures ought to be and what common problems arise.
• Access to an online reference library for more information about your home and its systems.

Color-coded tabs provide easy navigation throughout.

Download the file, or click on the preview image to view online.